Poetry Festival representatives

Last week our students from Preschool and Primary had the opportunity to participate in the Poetry Festival held by Colegio Bolivar. Activities of this kind, enhance proximity ties with local bilingual schools and encourage the personal connection to poetry that makes students life-long readers.
Our participants did a great job and  praised the refreshing and revitalizing experience of listening to and reading poetry in the supportive company of like-minded students.
From Preschool our representatives were:  Valeria González Arbeláez, Alejandro Rojas Florez, Martín Gutierrez and Juanita Tascón Paredes. From Primary: Jacobo Garrido, María José Espitia, Alejandra Vivas, Isabella Rubio, Mariana Libreros, Antonia Escobar, Luna Castaño, María Paz González and Sebastian Ocampo.

Congratulations to all of them!
Contacto: Dora Garzón Coordinadora Pedagógica, Colegio La Arboleda  555 34 05  Ext: 137